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Our Services


Airfreight Services in Nigeria: International Air Freight Forwarders: At Shohphord Logistics Global, Our comprehensive service will ensure that your freight is handled professionally, securely and on time. You have the backing of a dedicated network of air and ground services for pickup and delivery. Richmond Cargo is consistently ranked as one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing airfreight forwarders, and this proves that our experience and genuine commitment to customer service yields results in the real world.


Sea freight Services Nigeria: International Sea Freight Forwarders, we clear a large volume of general cargo, and have ongoing partnerships with many businesses for their sea freight needs. For private clients who want a reliable service, we can transport goods such as personal effects, cars and specialized items.

Warehousing / Crating and Packing

Shohphord Global Logistics provides Nigeria-based warehousing services to small and medium sized manufacturers of consumer products. Ideal for high-end consumer products, Shohphord Global Logistics offers clean facilities, exceptional customer service, quick and precise order fulfillment and extraordinary attention to detail

Our warehousing services include:

– Secure warehousing
– Transportation
– Distribution
– Pickup & Delivery Service
– Contract packaging services

Customs Clearance & Documentation

With updated customs regulations and procedures we handle clearance of import and export consignments by sea, air and road more efficiently and easily. Our main services in custom clearing services include advice to the clients in preparing documents related to import and export, completion of appraisal and examination procedures and payments.

We as a Customs Clearing Agents offer wide variety of services in order to help the clients for import and export. For importation of consignments we require documents such as original invoice, packing list, bill of landing/airway, bill endorsed by the importer or bank, insurance certificate, purchase order or letter of credit, import license and catalogue or literature if the goods are chemical for customs clearance services. Whereas for export clearance, export license or permit and sale contracts are required along with Invoice, Packing list and shipping instruction.


Dangerous Goods, which include a range of substances and materials, require careful and Precise handling. Richmond Cargo Solutions has a team of trained specialists to provide you with all necessary information to ensure that your Dangerous Goods shipment arrives On-Time, safely and reliably.
Richmond cargo offers a variety of solutions and services such as:

  • Explosive shipment packing & declaration.
  • Onsite Dangerous Goods packing services / repacking services.
  • Pick-up & delivery Dangerous Goods for inspection, labeling, packing/repacking.
  • Hazardous labels / Handling Labels / Absorbent Materials.
  • Dry ice and temperature control packaging solutions for shipping of Medical, Biological & Clinical Trial products.


With a “no minimum” policy, Shohphord Global Logistics are ideal for growing businesses. By outsourcing the logistics to Richmond Cargo’s locations, business owners have more time to focus on sales and marketing: they no longer have to hassle with routing guidelines, and other shipping concerns. Small businesses will benefit from the above plus they gain access to Richmond Cargo’s 8 years of experience in distributing consumer products in Nigeria.

Designed to assist companies in Nigeria, Shohphord Global Logistics Warehousing service is a cost effective form Managing logistics. Today, we operate ultra-modern warehousing and distribution facilities in multiple states. We can also help if you are looking for something unique – like temperature controlled storage, a sanitary or food grade environment, a secure outdoor storage area, or an experienced team to help you fill customer orders or complete a packaging project.